Party Rentals

Fountain Stone Theaters wants to be a part of your special occasion or group outing. We have packages for Birthday Parties and Special Events, public or private. All Special Events require a request form be completed prior to the event. Contact the theater manager to receive your Special Events Request Packet.

What is a Special Event?

A Special Event is the use of an auditorium for a private or group viewing of a film currently in release to be shown, and/or the use of an auditorium for a private meeting or presentation. These can be during operational and non-operational hours.

Choose your Event - Private or Group

Private - With a private event, you will not share the theater with our other guests. Special requests and amenities can be made with advanced notice. To receive a proposal for a private event, just fill out the Special Event Request available from the theater manager. To best expedite your request, please complete all applicable information in the request form.

Group - This is for larger groups, particularly schools, who wish to view a movie together at a regularly advertised Showtime. No ticket discounts are given for group ticket sales. A minimum group size of 50 is required to make arrangements for a Special Event presentation; smaller groups should purchase tickets online at Fountain Stone Theaters Online Ticketing, or in advance at the theater box office.

Group Event Terms and Conditions

Show Times: All movies will start exactly on time regardless of any delays or conflicts experienced by the group. Due to schedule times of films, your group must arrive 30 minutes before the start of the show. If your group is not at the theater the required 30 minutes in advance, your tickets will not be held. Also, you will not be allowed into the show late due to the disruptions this causes. It is the responsibility of the chaperones to monitor and insure the group's behavior does not disturb other guests. This is a group sale, and does not guarantee a private show. Your group may be combined with other groups or the general public in the same auditorium.

Movie Selection: Due to contractual obligations we cannot guarantee movie selection prior to showing. Exact event time may be determined by movie schedule.

Payment: Please collect all monies and pay with cash or a business check at the time of arrival to the theater. We have allocated tickets for the exact number in your group. We can't guarantee seating for any additional people.

Minimum: 50 paid tickets for a group arrangement. Requests for less than 50 will need to purchase their tickets either online at Fountain Stone Theaters Online Ticketing or in advance at the box office.

Concessions: The Special Event Concession package is available for $2.50 per person, which includes a small popcorn and small fountain drink.

Other: The theater has the right to designate seating for your group. Extra fee for events outside normal operating hours.

How much does it cost to rent a theater?

The pricing is determined based on time of day, date, and seat count requested.

Can I rent a theater to watch a current release movie?

To rent the theater for a Private Event during normal operational hours, the fee is to purchase every seat in the auditorium plus an auditorium fee. For Groups wanting to view a movie during non-operational hours, the minimum group size is 50.

How many seats will be in the rented auditorium?

Auditorium placement will be made based on seat count closest to the request.

What are the fees for renting an auditorium for a private viewing?

The fees will include: purchasing the top ticket price for the time that the movie is showing (before 6 p.m. is the Matinee ticket price, after 6 p.m. is the Adult ticket price), plus an Auditorium Fee.

Can I receive a discount on concessions?

The Special Event Concession package is available for $2.00 per person, which includes a small popcorn and small fountain drink. Larger portions are available at an additional charge.

Can I rent a theater the Opening weekend of the Film's release?

No. It is recommended to avoid requests on opening weekend of the film's release.

How long does it take to determine if the auditorium can be booked?

After a completed Special Events request form is received, an approval process must be completed. Events will be reviewed to determine if the auditorium rental request violates any contractual obligations with the film distributor affected by the request. Additionally, Theater Operations will determine if the requested theater can handle this special event. Typically this process can take up to five business days.

How can I schedule a Children's Birthday Party at the theater?

Celebrating Children's Birthdays at the theater is a great way to entertain that special person and his/her guests. Complete a Special Event request and let us take care of the rest. Birthday Parties include a 6 foot decorated table with chairs set up in the Game Room section of the lobby. All you have to bring is the birthday cake and table service. Of course, the child celebrating their birthday is admitted FREE. Adults in attendance at the party will be charged our regular admission fee structure. Please note, if attending a 3D movie, ALL prices will include a $3.50 up-charge. Children's Birthday Parties are available during normal operating hours only.


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